Prime time dates get booked early, so get together with your party and schedule yours!
Joe DeMarco is the owner of Upstate Charters and is also the Captain. He is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. Joe has over 25 combined years of experience on the Hudson
River and Lake Ontario. As a Charter Captain, he spends countless hours on the water testing tackle & equipment in all types of conditions. Having the right equipment and experience
surely increases your odds. He will do his best to put you on the fish of your dreams. He will also take the time to explain the safety aspects for your trip, because your safety is his # 1
concern. The success of his business is based on repeat customers, so he is going to make your day the best it can be. Joe`s love for the outdoors and knowledge of fishing will
ensure you an enjoyable and memorable experience with Upstate Charters.
Upstate Charters provides Charter Boats for Fishing Trophy Striped Bass on the Hudson River out of the Capital District Albany area. We also provide Great Lakes Charter Boats for Fishing Trophy Salmon & Trout on Lake Ontario out of the Little Salmon River,
Mexico Point, (Eastern Lake Ontario) Pulaski area . We welcome you to join our Hudson River Fishing Charters or our Lake Ontario Fishing Charters to experience a Fishing Trip of a lifetime.
About the Captain
C-(518) 892-1465